Sales PROMOTION that generate great BRAND EXPERIENCES for your customers


SALEs promotions engage and inspire customers

A great way to engage present and new customers in a brands and their products is to arrange in store sales promotions. We often get this kind of assignments from our customers and to make a super result it´s all about finding the right story to tell in combination with a great crew and the best project management!


salemate pro show when and where you should run sales promotions to maximize roi

Except from running the core retail sales promotion process of combining the right staff, logistics, retail management we have two main focus areas:

1. We user our retail intelligence tool SaleMate PRO to find the absolute right stores to optimize what stores to visit at what time to maximize the investment potential.

2. We focus had and don´t give up until we find the right stories around the products that truly stick in peoples mind, you know that story that will be retold by the customers again and again!


sales promotions generate values for brands, stores and customers

Values you get out of a great in store sales promotion:

1. Permanent store staff will sell more of your brand in the time to come
2. Direct sales during the activity
3. Indirect sales later on through the same or other channels
4. Increased customer awareness