Gorm Larsen NORDIC

Established 1976 we have a history of effective communicate with Shoppers in the Nordic. We are a shopper-centric organisation that listens to the core needs of Shoppers.

Originally an award-winning advertising agency, we pioneered into Field Marketing already in 1998 running successful external sales force teams across the Nordic.

From there we conquered the digital space in 2005 and have developed our own digital backbone, SaleMate PRO -a complete retail management CRM. SaleMate PRO combines two decades of experience and expertise in the retail space, connecting everything surrounding the Shopper.

Today we are pioneers when it comes to engage shoppers regardless of platform by seeing their journey as one channel and one consumer brand experience.



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WE cover the nordics in the european agency partner network

Together with our great European partner agencies we cover 93% of the EU region. We're all market leading and independent Field Marketing Agencies working in a network to share best practice and enable the European market coverage for our clients.