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To increase store sales, you need to make sure your in in store marketing make your product the most intuitive to sell and give your end customers the best product experience. In this specific case Gorm Larsen Nordic designed a tailored in store Point of Sale (POS) experience for whirlpool at the Elgiganten store in Kungens Kurva, Stockholm, Sweden. 

First: GET TO know your customer

Start by interviewing the store about the typical end user profiles visiting the specific store. Two of the end customer traits for this Elgiganten store was: 

  1. Customers in this neighborhood typically live in smaller apartments so they are extra sensitive to the noice level of machines.

  2. The more senior customers don´t buy advanced machines that seems to be difficult to operate.

Second: Use POS to explain your product´s unique selling point (USP)

In this store we designed a branded area:

  1. The overall design sticks out to attract attention and already at that point we start to communicate USPs that we know meet our local client´s needs. Like the fact that Whirlpools washers are extremely silent compared to their competition.

  2. We use the POS material to Involve as many of the customer´s senses as possible: in this case we also used audio to let customers listen to different Whirlpool washers and their different noice level.

  3. On the same touchscreen, the end customers could experiment with a fictive washing machine display to experience for themselves how easy it is to operate even the most advanced washers.

ThIRD: staff training

The last piece of the puzzle is to give the store staff a thorough training in how to sell using the branded area as a natural part of their sales process when they interact with customers.


Good luck inspiring shoppers!
Christian Lystrup - COO & Client Service Director