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It´s becoming harder to affect buying decisions in store so brands and retailers try out new ways to influence the buying process. This year Elkjøp initiated a brand activation camp at Norway Cup where brands provided brand experiences for customers to interact with!  

What´s Norway cup?

One week every summer kids from the whole world gather in Oslo Norway for the worlds largest football tournaments, Norway Cup. The players are 10-19 years old and approx. 2000 teams participate.

Elkjøp created a brand activation camp

This year, during summer when store traffic is slow anyways, Elkjøp initiated a brand activity camp at Norway Cup. The intention was to help activate the participants at Norway Cup and they did it by creating an arena where their partners could create cool interactions with their present and future customers. The intention was to not focus on traditional product presentations but instead use their products to activate Norway Cup participants from all over the world during their time at the tournament.

CREATING A lasting Brand EXPERIENCE with Sony Electronics

Sony has lot´s of great content and activations built in to their products. The target group for this activation is of course already aware of what Sony is capable of and the expectations are the bar for making a lasting brand impression is therefore high! 

We knew that the visitors would be of different age groups so in order to provide a lasting brand experience for all of them we vent with multiple activations in the same installation...