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Use an all in one retail management CRM system to leverage retail and omnichannel sales

For most brands the store is the most critical point of contact with their target audience – when people enter a store, they want to experience the products live and expect a professional service that is tailored to their needs – that’s not new. What is new is that people navigate the offline world with mobile and that shoppers to a large extend are using their smartphones as an integrated part their decision and buying process in many product categories. 

Many retailers have started the journey towards approaching shoppers with an omnichannel approach, but only a few brands that are selling their products and services through physical distribution have fully embraced the new opportunities in the market place from a sales perspective. What we have seen has primarily been tools that solve single problems for example sales force reporting, shopper engagement tools and online training platforms. But so far, we have not seen any retail infra-structure that supports and integrates multiple sales driving and sales enabling tools across channels. Tools we know lead to shopper engagement and ultimately - sales.

At Gorm Larsen Nordic we identified this opportunity and therefore we are to create an innovative retail SaaS tool where all components are interlinked and compatible. This means that staff trainings, brand ambassador programs, sales incentives, product information, store data, shopper data, sell-out data, visit reports, drive to store activations, gamification elements, compliance checks and audits etc. are available in the same SaaS framework. 


All clients are different, therefore the SaaS will be built in modules, so that individual client demands can be tailormade. The solution will provide and document more insights and it will expose potential synergies across the platform – synergies that can be used to increase the ROI on retail investments.

We are not pretending to have all the answers ourselves and we are therefore reaching out to our European partners in EMFP and their clients for input and requirements in creating this innovative retail SaaS solution that will be a benchmark in the industry. Together we can bridge the gap between online and offline by driving engagement and measuring in-store activations.


Best regards
Jens Brinck - CEO & Client Service Director