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EFMP presents sales training insights from retail agencies across Europe that for sure will enhance your retail field force performance

Our European Field Marketing Partner (EFMP) network represent several global brands like Nespresso, Group SEB, Lenovo, KitKat, Sonos and interact with their thousands of customers every day. Making sure our retail teams get the right education is core to us and we always make sure our trainings are as relevant and effective as possible.

In search for best practice and innovative idéas our local network partners has generously shared individual approaches, insights, strategies and techniques for the common good. The results has been described in a newly released EFMP article under 8 categories:

  1. Retail recruitment

  2. Be accessible - online and in person

  3. Product knowledge builds confidence

  4. Use sales situation role play

  5. Cross sell & up-sell

  6. Know your customer

  7. Measure results

  8. Complementary trainings

If you find this relevant, you find the whole EFMP article here.


Best regards
Christian Lystrup - COO & Client Service Director