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The Gorm Larsen Nordic office team, alongside of our external sales forces run the retail agency. We focus our efforts to champion brands out there, all to ensure an inspirational brand experiences across the Nordic countries.

Retail Agency Jens Brinck.jpg

Jens Brinck

CEO & Client Service Director

Retail Agency Cira Wikström.jpg

Cira Wikström

Graphic Designer / Art Director

Retail Agency Henrik Offersen.jpg

Henrik Toudal Offersen

Client Service Manager

christian lystrup.png

Christian Lystrup

COO & Client Service Director

Retail Agency Jonas Larsen.jpg

Jonas Arentz Bach

Client Service Manager


Sofie Astvik

Brand Execution Manager


Kristine W. Lium

Head of Brand Experience

Retail Agency Abbe.jpg

Abdullahi Mohamed

Sr. Client Service Manager

Retail Agency Carsten Schmidt.jpg

Carsten Schmidt


Retail Agency Nanna Dragø.jpg

Nanna Dragö

Retail Execution Manager

Retail Agency Jes Madsen.jpg

Jes Madsen

UX Developer

Retail Agency Thomas Skytte.jpg

Thomas Skytte

Sr. System Developer

Gorm Larsen Nordic Team.png

Peter Lyster

Digital Project Manager

Retail Agency Andreas Windfeldt.jpg

Andreas Windfeldt

Retail Execution Coordinator

Gorm Larsen Nordic Team.png

Isabelle Klevstad

Client Service Manager